Portswood Church

Portswood Church

Welcome to Portswood Church!

Arriving at University may be one of the biggest changes you have made in your life to date and we want to support you during your years studying in Southampton. We love having students as part of our church family. It doesn't matter whether you are from Southampton University or Southampton Solent University, British or International, we seek to be a community for you to belong to as we enable you to grow in your relationship with Jesus, provide you with opportunities to serve and use your gifts in church life and prepare you to reach out to your friends with the good news of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to worship and serve alongside our community of all ages and stages of life. Portswood Church is centred on Jesus Christ, focussed on the message of the Bible, dependent on God through prayer and driven to share the good news of Jesus in Portswood and wherever we are in the city. See the website for further details of the church www.portswood.org

At Portswood Church you will find:

A Place to Belong – You won't be viewed as a term-time visitor to Portswood Church, but as part of our community. Although there is the opportunity to get involved with a programme just for students, we hope you will enjoy getting to know many people and being part of the wider church.

A place to grow in relationship with Jesus – Whether you have been a Christian for years, are just starting out or simply wonder what Christianity is all about, we want to help you know Jesus more deeply so that you leave university more excited about him than when you arrived.

A place to serve and use your gifts – People who belong to our church also serve in our church so that means you can too! Chat to us about the various ways you can get involved from youth work to community projects, music ministry to a community café. There are so many ways for you to use your gifts and bless others.

A place to be supported and equipped in mission – Life at university is unlike any other stage of your life! Being surrounded by people day and night provides you with a fantastic opportunity to share and show the love of Jesus to your friends. We work in partnership with the Christian Unions at both universities and many of our church family were also students in Southampton or have worked alongside the CUs through UCCF. We are passionate about students reaching students with the good news of Jesus, so we want to support and help you to live for him among your friends and in your CU if you choose to be involved with it.

What's on for students:

Sunday Mornings 10:00am – We encourage all students to come along to our Sunday morning service to join with the whole church family in worship and hearing from God through Bible teaching.

Student Life Group, Sunday Evenings 6:00pm – Every fortnight we have a group for students at the church building where we explore what God says in the Bible, respond to him, pray for each other and catch up. On the alternating Sundays Life in 3D meets, a group for anyone in their 20s and 30s (3D = 3rd Decade!).

Lunches and Away Days – throughout the year we organise student lunches, social trips out and occasional days away for extended time together and to explore topics in more depth.

Family Link Up – It's great to get out of the student bubble and into a real home! If you want to, we can link you with people in the church who will pray for you and invite you round from time to time for a nice home-cooked meal and sofas!

Student Mentor Scheme – Sometimes it is good to meet up with an older Christian 1-1 for support and prayer. We have people willing to meet with you regularly if this is something you would like.

Homegroups – As well as Student Life Group, students are welcome to join a homegroup where you can get to know other people in the church in small groups that learn, pray and share together.

For further information on all of these things please contact the Student Team:

Email: students@portswood.org.uk

The team are: Jo and Dan Simpkins, Sim and Cyrielle de Roemer, Luke O'Dowd

Website: www.portswood.org

Phone: 023 8039 9658

Email: admin@portswood.org