Life Church Southampton

Life Church Southampton


We are a community of people of all different ages and backgrounds who follow Jesus and believe and teach from the Bible because it shows us how to be reconnected with God. We are committed to the absolute authority and accuracy of Scripture, and committed to experiencing (and not merely believing in) the presence and power of the Holy Spirit today, eagerly desiring spiritual gifts and especially prophecy, taking the book of Acts as a vision of what church life can be rather than a record of what it once was.

Times and number of services

We meet at the Taunton College (See map for more) every Sunday from 10am for our main celebrations.

Mid-week Meetings/Events

We gather in homes across the city during the week and also run events and activities such as Mum’s and Toddlers, Youth and Student events, and courses such as Alpha, Gospel Revolution and Freedom in Christ. We also have a weekly prayer meeting and a range of evening meetings which focus on theology, prayer or worship.

Community involvement

One of our greatest passions at Life Church is to engage with those who don' yet know Jesus, and may never have heard the gospel. We ensure this happens through every aspect of church life and we also intentionally spend time on the High Street for two hours, twice a week, solely for this purpose. We also enjoy hosting a Saturday Breakfast in conjunction with three other city churches to feed those who are in need.

Worship and teaching

Our main Sunday Celebrations have a contemporary feel with modern music and relevant teaching from scripture.


The Central Baptist Church building is in the heart of the city allowing for great transportation links. We are only a two minute walk from Bedford Place so the easiest way to find us is to get the U1C from the Highfield Interchange to the bottom of London Road. Alternatively, there are great cycle paths from the Highfield Interchange to Bedford place.

Student work

We have a vibrant group of students, young professionals, and married couples in their 20's who are involved across the breadth of church life. The team organise regular gatherings and events with a vision to strengthen relationships for ‘doing life together’, standing alongside one another, praying and strengthening each other as they seek to put their gifts to use in extending the Kingdom of God, and fulfil their own calling as a follower of Jesus. We are organising a series of five free lunches for freshers and students from the beginning of term.


Phone: 02380 676599