Highfield Church

Highfield Church


As the church which is on the doorstep of the University one of our key values is to 'Engage with the University.' Simply put we want you to grow in your faith while at university by going deeper into the bible, loving Jesus more and worshipping him in Spirit and in truth. We also want each and everyone of us to be used by God to help other students meet with the living God and give their lives to him.

Times and number of services

We have four services at the church. 8am which is a spoken communion service. A 9.15am family service, and a 11am more traditional service. Finally our 6.30pm service is more contemporary and aimed at 18-30s. With practical in-depth bible teaching, worship and prayer ministry time it seeks, as do all our services, to draw us closer to Jesus and mature in our faith. Most of our students attend this service but are very welcome at all our services.

Worship in Spirit & Truth

As a church we place high value on hearing from the Bible and having it unpacked to us. Not so we gain more head knowledge but so we can live the Christian life. We love to worship Jesus through music. This can be anything from more contemporary style at the 9.15am and 6.30pm services, to a more hymnal style with choir at the 11am. But all that we do is done through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is only through Him can we worship, and seek to be transformed.

Student Work

Our main student work happens mid-week in 'Missional Communities'. These MC's aim to help you as a student keep seeking to be witnesses of Jesus in the student communities you find yourself in. You attend enough small groups, so these are groups aim to support, inspire and pray for you as you seek to live your faith out in University. You will find yourself praying for your friends, societies and doing all things 'missional'. We also will be meeting before our evening service at 4.30pm to have a hot meal together, catch up and get to know one another.

Website: www.highfield.org.uk

Phone: 02380 558234

Email: students@highfield.org.uk