Christ Church Southampton

Christ Church Southampton


 90 weeks. Give or take. That's your lot. It's how long a typical university student will spend here in Southampton, once you take out holidays. 90 weeks. And we at Christ Church are determined to make every one of them count for you. By the time you graduate, we want you to leave with your faith deepened, your mind stretched and your Christ-like character more firmly established. More than that, we want you to finish your time at university trained and equipped for a lifetime of serving Jesus, whatever that may look like for you.

Times and number of services

Christ Church Southampton have two morning services: 9:30am and 11:15am at Cantell School, (SO16 3GJ). The two morning services are designed to be identical and a chance to be part of a 'normal church' and to experience the feel of the family. There's contemporary music, heartfelt prayer and in-depth Bible-teaching. They also have the “Six o’clock” evening service at Burgess Road Library, Burgess Road (SO16 3HF)

This provides another opportunity to meet together, hear again from God’s word and enjoy praising the Lord in a more relaxed environment.  For help find your way here try

Worship and teaching

We’re a growing independent evangelical church, affiliated with the South East Gospel Partnership. We put a high value on clear, contemporary and challenging Bible-teaching. We prioritise fellowship, evangelism and discipleship, and also want our church to be one in which you feel confident about bringing your seeking friends to. These things are part of our DNA at Christ Church, and we, with the help of God, work hard to keep on developing them.

Student work

Student Connect is our main student meeting and is on Sunday at 7.30pm, straight after the evening service (also at Burgess Road Library, Burgess Road, SO16 3HF). The evening starts with everyone enjoying a hot meal together, which is followed by a short talk, on a relevant area of living the Christian life as a student. This is then followed by a chance to get our Bibles open in small groups to study and pray together. It’s a vibrant atmosphere and you'll find it stretching, stimulating, encouraging, and equipping. And there is also other stuff going on but to check out the website to find out what the latest news and events are.