Newly Elected Committee

This week we elected our brand new committee for this year! Thanks so much to everyone who came along and voted.

As the new committee, there are many things we have envisioned for the year ahead. We really want to work together as a team to create the best CU for Solent University. The goal for this year is outreach, we would love to see more people coming to Christ through the CU and have more people attend our events. But we don’t want to be ‘in charge’ of the CU. Your ideas and opinions matter just as much as ours! This year ahead is going to be incredibly exciting and we cannot wait to see what God has planned for us.

Here’s a little information about each of our new committee members:


Sam // 21 // Popular Music Production // President

The main thing I hope to achieve as President would be to increase the size of the Christian Union, with a focus on outreach. I’d also love to see Christian students and myself grow in faith and their love for God whilst at university through the numerous events and activities that the Committee is planning.

My favourite Bible character is David. He is an amazing reminder that no matter how badly you mess up, or how utterly you fail God, you can still return to Him and receive love and forgiveness. God will set you on your feet again and walk you down the right path. 


Emily // 18 // Psychology (Child Development & Education) // Vice President

In my role I would love to see more people coming to Jesus through the outreach we have planned this year as well as helping to develop a greater community of love and fellowship in the CU as that is what Jesus showed.

My favourite bible character is Noah as he whole heartedly trusted in God throughout building the ark as well as during the flood. He lost everything he worked towards on land yet still glorified God.



Jacob Eyres // 19 // Product Design // Treasurer

I am looking forward to seeing the CU grow and thrive as the year goes on, through outreach and events for the whole University.

My favourite character in the bible is Simon Peter. He is one of Jesus’ closest companions, yet he still never really understood Jesus’ message, at times you could even say he was quite foolish. I feel this mirrors our journey as, whilst we feel close to God, there is still so much we don’t understand or can comprehend.



Daisy // 19 // Psychology // Prayer Coordinator

In my role I want to see people have enriched prayer lives through supporting each other in CU with prayer and more regularly praying as a group!

My favourite character in the bible has to be Job because he stayed so faithful to God even through all his suffering and I find that so inspirational and therefore try to follow that example in my life.



Max Hardie // 20 // Sports Coaching // Worship Coordinator

One thing I am looking forward to is engaging people in worship and seeing the CU thrive through outreach and God’s word.

My favourite biblicle person is Moses as he thought that he had nowhere to go but God was making plans for him and Moses trust in God resulted in the slaves being rescued from Egypt so that to me is really inspirational.



Emma // 18 // Public Relations // Social Media Executive

Within this role I aspire to reach a wide audience both Christian and not from Solent University, bringing them to Christ through the CU. As well as sharing the good news through the social media accounts but also all the exciting events coming up in the next year!

I’d say my favourite character in the bible is Joseph (from Genesis). I loved the story as a child but now I admire his faithfulness to God despite being wrongfully sold into slavery and mistreated for things he did not do. He kept his trust in God despite these things and in the end he saved countless lives.


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